Dec. 12th, 2011

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[Voice; action for apartment-mates]

[The communicator turns on and Sai goes to speak, but her voice as more of a growl-y tone to it as well as pain.]

Anyone else feeling different? Having strange thoughts? Why are we all changing?

[She goes to cough a little with more growls before shutting off the comm. Apartment mates, Sai has locked herself up in a room, not really wanting to leave to show what is going on with her.]

[ Late Monday night, Tuesday]

[Action for those in Discedo]

[Whatever was going on finally hits and now patrolling either the warehouses by the docks or the graveyard is a rather large black dog. It mainly ignoring everything around it but every once in a while, it will go to sit down on it's hunches and let out quite the eerie howl. At least for now, it's not behaving in an aggressive manner. Time will only tell when it happens.]

[ooc; Sai has been changed into a Black Dog and most likely won't attack you unless provoked or attacked first. Please state what time-frame your thread is as this is an all-purpose event post so if any of the Supernatural peoples want to approach Sai they can. Washu will also try to capture Sai in this post as well. Thread-jacking is greatly encouraged and lets have fun shall we~?]


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