Mar. 27th, 2012

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OOC Info
Player name: Nel
OOC journal: n/a
Player age: 27
Contact information: this journal and plurk at scaredsummoner
IC Info
Name: XI/Eleven formally known as Kaitou Sai.
Canon: Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro
Canon point: Right when Sicks christens her as XI.
Age: 18
Sex/Gender: Female
Appearance: here, here and here.
History: Here and here.
Eleven at first glance is quiet, collective and anti-social but she is first and foremost instinctual. She will follow whoever is more dominate then her and would view fights as dominance battles. She views killing and torture as nothing but means to gain and assert dominance over the other person, plus if they died then she will get an easy meal from them. She prefers to observe from a distance rather than to participate in whatever is going on. On the flip side, to those that she has managed to get close to, she can be gentle, protective, loyal, caring and affectionate towards.
Powers: Shape-shifting, telepathy, able to heal herself almost instantly (faster if she eats someone), inhuman strength and inhuman speed.
DOTES animal: Cat/ Mainecoon.
Sample post:

It has started out to be a completely normal day for her. Well, at least normal for Eleven. How did she even get here in the first place? She stretches herself a little with a small yawn, swaying her tail slowly back and forth. Hnnn, it’s going to be hard keeping it clean. Such a thing to chalk up for worrying about later as she was hungry now and following the scent of food. There, there is the source of the scent. A pale hand reaches out to slowly open the door…..


………. Only to be pelted in the face by a random flying piece of food.

Colorless eyes blinks in surprise at the sight before her. What? Just what are they doing? Her tail completely fluffs out as another piece of food come flying towards her and she goes to dodge it. No, no thank you. She wants to eat the food, not wear it. Okay, new plan. Getting food later once this chaos has died down, she leaves to retreat the food house for now. Though another piece of food hits her on the back of the head…..

…. Or she will just eat what she is now currently wearing on her face and hair and just wait until nighttime to eat. Yeah, that seems to be the best plan in this strange place. But for now, time to find a proper perch for her to watch these other creatures without the fear of getting hit again with food.


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