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*A voice can be heard singing softly along with the sound of rain falling somewhat distant.*

Bei fang you jia ren
Jue shi er du li
yi gu qing ren cheng
zai gu qing ren guo
ning bu zhi
qing cheng yu qing guo
jia ren nan zai de

*A small sigh can be heard.*

Where have I heard it before? Ah! There it is! *The sound of something being picked up and then... A yelp.*

Idiotic thing just shocked me!! *Soon the sound of grunting and straining can be heard along with the sound of rainfall.*

((OOC: Along with Ai's post, Sai is back in action. He is outside of the Horton Apartments trying to break the communicator.))
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*The communicator turns on to show the image of Sai walking about in his room. A hand is pressed against his forehead as he walks. He idly reaches out to touch the various objects in the room as he walks past them. He suddenly stops and lowers his hand from his forehead.*

Ai?.... Where are you? AI?!

*The final word came out as a pained filled howl as he suddenly goes to start screaming and shrieking in pain, collapsing unto the ground and arching backwards. He then goes to start writhing quite a bit on the ground as he continues to let out those pain filled screams and shrieks.*

((OOC: The first 'reset' of Sai is happening. There will be breaks between each memory wipe so he can respond to comments, just expect the screaming and shrieking to happen at any moment again. Comment-logs are good as well for those on the fourth floor of the Horton apartments and possibly the third floor as well.))
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3 more days.... The pains... They are getting closer and closer and more painful with each day....

3 until everything gets ripped away and drag me into hell...

*Some pained whimpers can be heard*


What did my face look like?

I am so tired, tried of this fight. No one will miss me except for a couple of people...

What was my face?
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10 more days... Only 10 more days. Ne? I am curious, I know that my other half made a post a while ago and now I am curious... Who all knows of my 'condition'? I won't to know if any progress has been made or if any ideas came up.

I am thinking of exploring the city so I maybe gone for a couple of days to find someplace 'safe'.

*Goes to inhale and then exhales slowly.*

I wonder who will miss me for when it happens.

Ne! NE NE NE NE! I forgot to say this earlier but thank you. Thank you, Haine, Linda and Okaa-san for coming when I needed you guys. I know that Linda is hurt and can't really come but she wanted to.

LINDA! Get better soon or else I won't ever forgive you! Especially before the 10 days are up.

Jackie, you still making sure that Jenny is safe? You better.

Gabby-chan, we can we meet again?

[Locked to all of his female friends (Ai, Nani, Lilo, Marlene, Jenny, Linda, River, Washu and Mona]

Ne, how does a shopping trip sound? I can keep all of you safe and also carry your things! It will be fun~ It will have to happen soon but still, wouldn't it be fun to do that? I will look forward to your answers. Ai, perhaps we can pick a dress for you as well.
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Enough... I have had enough...

Ai, I am at Lamitir. Find someone to go with you and bring my blades to me. I will end this and they will be freed from their prison.

He has involved too many of them. They will be freed.
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It's Mona right? I don't fully understand what happened but do you need me to come over and stay with you or bring you something? It's the least that I can do for what you did for me when Ai died.

Does anyone need anything? I am going to go and look for supplies and kills to bring home. Okaa-san, what about you? Do you need clothes or anything?

Jenny-chan, are you comfortable where you are? Do you need any supplies? What about Donald as well?

OOC: Cut only for Sai-ness and I don't want to plug up your Friends List. ._.; )

27th Box

Aug. 5th, 2008 07:22 pm
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I am back, sorry if I worried anybody. To whoever lives on the third floor, sorry about all of the mess. Hopefully it won't attract the dogs too much.

Okaa-san, thanks for coming.

What happened while I was gone?
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Neuro is here... He claims that he is from a different version of my world.. Our world.

He said some things to me... Ai...


I need to talk to you. Please...

Everyone else, please stay safe and those that live on the same floor, please don't go out much without me around.

((OOC: This is for Sai's actual friends, not play-toys or anyone else. If you need help or don't know if your character fits into this, then I am willing to make a list but those who are Sai's actual friends... YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!))
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Stupid... This is so stupid... Stupid stupid stupid stupid Stupid stupid...

.... STUPID!

*A distant sound of something crashing into each other.*


Make everything go away.... Let me go home with Ai... I hate it here... Make it go away... Make everything go away... Go go away far away... Shadows go away... Go far away...

*Dies down to mere murmuring.*
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Huh? What's going on? ....

..... *The sound of a window opening and then....

A very loud shrill happy scream can be heard rather clearly to those living in the Horton Lane Apartments.*

AI!!!!!! LOOK! LOOK!


20th Box.

Jul. 2nd, 2008 04:23 am
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Where were we before we came here? I... Cannot seem to remember. Already... Everything is starting to be ripped away from me only to turn into shadows and ghosts that haunts me no matter where I go. Shadows in my dreams never fading or going away, make them go away make them go away. Make the shadows go away.

I also wonder, how much more time I have left to live. Before I just knew how much but now, I am not certain but already I can feel everything thanks to my condition. Ai... What would you do should I fade away like those shadows and ghosts I often see? Why can I no longer can at least sense when I will die?


This is almost what it feels to be human, it's nice... Really...

[ooc: What Sai means by his 'death' is not an actual character 'death' but mostly the death of his current self due to his condition of losing his memories and worse, when his memories 'restart' and he forgets everything. He is probably the most 'human' he will ever be in his life right now so he doesn't want to lose that.]

19th Box

Jun. 30th, 2008 10:08 pm
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I found myself a new playmate! I also got a nice sword from our playing. Though he was being a total meanie and calling me names. Don't worry! I will take good care of it!
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Ai.... I want to play with those creatures. You can cook them when I get back.

I will be heading over to where Lilo is and guard her until Harry comes and picks her up. Ai, tell me if one of those creatures attack the apartments while I am gone and if they do, give me as much description as possible. Until then, make sure to just keep yourself safe and I will be home soon.

13th Box

Jun. 12th, 2008 09:52 pm
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Luxord! Where are you? Lets go and play another game. I am sure that I can beat you for sure this time around. Frederic, where are you? I wanna talk with you, please come by the apartments. Ai, do you want to go to the dance?

((OOC: Sai doesn't realize that Luxord and Frederic is gone.))
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That was fun. I am surprise that a couple of the scientists came as well. Ai? Did you have fun? Did you know that there were that many people there?... Though I didn't see either Nee-chan or Okaa-san. I wanted to see them at least once. What do you think was up with all those guards? Ah well, at least we didn't have to cook food or look for something to drink as well, ne?
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AAAAIIIIII! CLEAN UP THE FLOOR! MOMMA IS COMING OVER! GOT TO MAKE IT LOOK NICE FOR HER! *Giggles before taking a deep breath.* Linali-chan~ I have something for you as well.

Also, all of you people who are fighting, it's funny! Thanks for the enterainment! I don't remember the last I laughed like that. So I really do thank all of you for it.

Now what I don't like is how it effected Marlene-chan, if you do fight again, find a way for her not to hear or read it.

9th Box.

May. 28th, 2008 07:59 pm
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Momma Washu-chan! Mind if I borrow your science for a bit? It's kinda important.

Ah! Nee-chan! I got your items for both you and Lilo.

I also have some for Frederic as well.

[Private to Washu]

If you can keep a secret, I can tell you what I need your science for.

7th Box

May. 26th, 2008 12:00 am
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What did I eat last night to made me have such a horrible dream? Perhaps its a side-effect of the fever?

[Private to Sai's Friends: Ai, Luxord, Nani, Frederic, and Mommy-Washu]

Oh! I am finally feeling much better and soon will be back on my feet. Perhaps when I am completely well I can go and explore the city a little.

Will there be any supplies that any of you will need once I go exploring?
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*The sound of humming can heard before a soft sigh can be heard. But soon a young voice can be heard singing.*

((OOC: That's right folks, Sai has forgotten that the comm is on and is proceeding to sing, trying to avoid boredom. Here is the link to the song (start at 3:53 for the song itself): Yes, he is singing the full song.))


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