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*The communicator turns on to show the image of Sai walking about in his room. A hand is pressed against his forehead as he walks. He idly reaches out to touch the various objects in the room as he walks past them. He suddenly stops and lowers his hand from his forehead.*

Ai?.... Where are you? AI?!

*The final word came out as a pained filled howl as he suddenly goes to start screaming and shrieking in pain, collapsing unto the ground and arching backwards. He then goes to start writhing quite a bit on the ground as he continues to let out those pain filled screams and shrieks.*

((OOC: The first 'reset' of Sai is happening. There will be breaks between each memory wipe so he can respond to comments, just expect the screaming and shrieking to happen at any moment again. Comment-logs are good as well for those on the fourth floor of the Horton apartments and possibly the third floor as well.))
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That was fun. I am surprise that a couple of the scientists came as well. Ai? Did you have fun? Did you know that there were that many people there?... Though I didn't see either Nee-chan or Okaa-san. I wanted to see them at least once. What do you think was up with all those guards? Ah well, at least we didn't have to cook food or look for something to drink as well, ne?

9th Box.

May. 28th, 2008 07:59 pm
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Momma Washu-chan! Mind if I borrow your science for a bit? It's kinda important.

Ah! Nee-chan! I got your items for both you and Lilo.

I also have some for Frederic as well.

[Private to Washu]

If you can keep a secret, I can tell you what I need your science for.

7th Box

May. 26th, 2008 12:00 am
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What did I eat last night to made me have such a horrible dream? Perhaps its a side-effect of the fever?

[Private to Sai's Friends: Ai, Luxord, Nani, Frederic, and Mommy-Washu]

Oh! I am finally feeling much better and soon will be back on my feet. Perhaps when I am completely well I can go and explore the city a little.

Will there be any supplies that any of you will need once I go exploring?
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*A bunch of shrill happy giggles can be heard before just normal giggles. A deep breath can be heard and then.*

No! Stop! *Insert even more giggles.*

(ooc: Sai left his comm on while getting playful with Ai, only to have Ai turn around and start tickling him.)


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