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Okay, this is just a post about the red box that Sai leaves and what entrails should he ever red box YOU! As most of us knows, inside the red box is a whole human grounded up and stuffed in there very neatly and nicely. How Sai does this is by first shifting into basically a blob and covers the person entirely with himself. The whole shifting/covering/grinding/stuffing into a red box process takes between 2 to 5 minuntes at least it does in the manga and anime. I am more then willing to take longer to give your characters a chance to escape unless you want to be red-boxed. He also eats the people he red-boxed.

Now here are some things that could end up as quite crackish for when your character comes back from being red-box. If Sai does red-box you, he somehow is wearing all of your character's clothing so when they come back.... They will be naked. This is how Sai puts clothes on is by red-boxing someone and putting on their clothes and it is how he 'switches' with a person as well.

I will add more once I think of more but that is basically everything you will need to know about the red-box. Also, please comment if you won't mind your character to be red-boxed that way I have a record of characters and stuffins. Thanks! ^o^ Of course, this applies once he gets his chip removed.

And how does one get out of the red box? Here is too ideas on how they can:

1.) They woun't actually leave the red box and will just come back still with no clothes on with their red box somewhere within the city. (I am going to lean more towards this one then the other one myself. n_n;;)

2.) They would have to find someone to pry open the red box (which a normal human had to use crowbars and such to open it) or break out of it.
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