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*The communicator turns on to show first the image of Xi, completely covered in blankets and her face still rosey, sleeping. She wiggles a little before letting out a small noise before her eyes goes to slowly open. She goes to lift a hand to stare at it before looking towards the comm.*

What... What is this? How long have I been asleep?
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Donatello, I wish to speak to you.
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What did everybody get for Christmas? So far all I got was a pack of cards.

*Though now she switches it to video, smiling as she is wearing a knit scarf, smiling as she wears it.*

It's nice and warm. Thank you, Bakura-kun.

[ooc: Merry Christmas everyone! I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas. ♥]
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There is a tree here.... Why is there a tree here?

*She goes to let out a slow breath.*

I guess that I should make a list for Santa as well. I don't want much or anything big. I would like one of Abel's robes, especially one with his scent on it. A deck of... Duel Monster cards? Lastly, I would like a forge, not a big one but big enough to make blades with.

*She pauses a moment before speaking up again.*

I will like to add one last item; an application to Ethan's phone. One that will let him at least see his son during happier times.

*And now her tone takes one of mocking.*

Everyone having fun with the mistletoes~? I can't imagine how difficult it has to be all alone under them~.
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Karai! Gaga-sama! Please get home ready! I have a man with me! He has been poisoned. I am taking him home. There isn't much time.
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*She goes to slowly take a deep breath before letting it out, speaking in a calm manner. All too calm one.*

Did everyone survived the nightmares? Arthur? Bakura-kun? Yuugi?.... Mother? Gaga-sama?

*She is going to check up on her roommate now cause she isn't sure how the little ninja is doing.*

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Chris, I have completed the list. Where shall I deliver the list? Shall we receive anymore children I will update as needed. A boy known as Luke wants to know what he can do to help with the Watch.

4th Wall!

Nov. 16th, 2010 10:19 am
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This is starting to feel a little familiar.... Where are all of you people coming from?
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How many children do we have here in Discedo? If any of you could, I would like to compile a list of them with their age and current residence. This information will be turned in to the leader of the Watch whoever that may be. The list will be for should anything happen to them or if they get lost, we can send a search party for them.

Leo?... If you are not busy anytime this weekend... Maybe we can, you know.... Go out together? But if you are too busy then don't worry about it!

Children, please fill this out:
Age: (Up to 14)
Current Residence:
Brief Description:
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Sakoto-chan? I got something for you. It isn't much.

*A slow sigh emits from her lips.*

Karai-san? Do you still have that room available? *Yes, Karai. You have been chosen to be the one that takes care of Sai now.*

I have found some extra supplies if anyone needs anything.
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I am sorry. I'm sorry. Sorry. Couldn't keep feet straight... Sorry... I'm sorry..I'm sorry...I'm sorry...I'm sorry!!

*She goes to let out a scream but now she is screaming more incoherent things then dissolves into crying with the sound of scrapping metal before just silence as the feed clicks off.*

[ooc; Off to work. Will tag back when I get home.]
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Karai-san? Namikaze-san? Perhaps we can go out and look for some clothes? Finding something warm to wear would be ideal before winter is fully here. Cube when can I look at my mirror?
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*A short and sharp gasp can be heard before she goes to speak in a shaky voice, sounding like she is gonna cry.*

Where... Where am I?... Leo... Leo...? Leo help...Come help me...

I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry...

Leo please come... Please?
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I have just a few words for your 'demand': You will have to pry our food supply out of my cold dead hands.

We have worked far too hard to get whatever amount of food that we have. I will not let you come and just take. I won't. You won't have one single bite you cowards.

Kill me, if you think that you can.

[ooc: Sai is dead. She is in a random empty room in Marshall. But yeah, no more responses from Sai.]
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*The communicator turns on to show Sai with two steel pipes, one in each hand. Her surroundings are a clothing store and she is currently look not too amused.*

I hate the scientists choice of humor. I will be home soon. Sakoto, make me something nice and hot to eat?

*She pauses as she gains a softer expression on her face.*

Tatsuha, Sunohara-kun be careful as you walk.

Leo, are you staying safe? Has whatever been going on effected you as well? I will see what is the cause for all of this but have no worries, I will pull back and hide should it get dangerous and I will still protect my home.

They will learn that I do not like my eyes and ears forced closed.
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Couldn't find her anywhere. She is gone then... I promise. I will promise

Who is left at home? We need to talk.

.... *A small pause.*

Leo? Are you there?
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*Some mumbles can be heard.*

.... Move it...

*More mumbles can be heard.*

Don't move...

*The communicator is dropped to just show Sai standing completely still, not moving an inch as well as this this man made of water. The only movement coming from her is a small amount of shaking and color draining from her face.*
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No more biting me.

Leo? Are you around?

Tatsuha? Have you settled in yet? Was your friend able to find you?

And my friend, I never got your name. Are you feeling any better or are you still sick?

And cat people are called Mithras. They don't seem to like being called a cat.
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*The communicator switches on to show a girl with long black hair, standing in the streets with her eyes closed to let the rain hit her face.*

So this is what rain feels like.

*She goes to slowly reopen her eyes to touch her communicator but the sound of the familiar 'ZAP' can be heard and she lets out a small shriek of pain before quickly turning it off.*

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