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*The communicator turns on to show the image of Sai walking about in his room. A hand is pressed against his forehead as he walks. He idly reaches out to touch the various objects in the room as he walks past them. He suddenly stops and lowers his hand from his forehead.*

Ai?.... Where are you? AI?!

*The final word came out as a pained filled howl as he suddenly goes to start screaming and shrieking in pain, collapsing unto the ground and arching backwards. He then goes to start writhing quite a bit on the ground as he continues to let out those pain filled screams and shrieks.*

((OOC: The first 'reset' of Sai is happening. There will be breaks between each memory wipe so he can respond to comments, just expect the screaming and shrieking to happen at any moment again. Comment-logs are good as well for those on the fourth floor of the Horton apartments and possibly the third floor as well.))
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*A bunch of giggling can be heard.*

We finally have a source of water! The Water Man is making us water! can...get off me now....

*Some more giggles can be heard.*

[Private to Sai's friends and Jackie]

Linda-chan, I am sorry for making you cry. I still feel bad about it.

Okaa-san has moved in next to us, Ai! It makes me happy that she is here.

*Lets out a small cry and goes to whimper quite a bit.*

Ne, Simon.... What do you recommend for these pains? I don't want to use up all of the pain medicine for something like this.

((OOC: The italics are Jackie with permission from his mun. And also, just about any voice response towards Sai, Jackie will be able to hear as well and respond should the mun choose to because, Sai is currently being Jackie's newest accessory unless someone wants to come and attempt to seperate Sai from Jackie. Just a heads up for this post.))
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Simon, do you have anything for headaches? I been getting them since yesterday and they won't go away.

Okaa-san... Please respond and please come and live near me. Even if only for a month. Nee-chan moved away so the room next to mine is available. I can even help with the moving.

Linda, please do the same. I can get a room ready for you here.

Please everyone... Haine, Iruka, Harry, Donald. I can help with the moving. So please. Just one month is all that I will ask for. I will even have the rooms prepared for you.

It has started, one month left...

((ooc: THE COUNTDOWN BEGINS! This was suppose to go up yesterday but instead you all got that wonderful post! 8D The strikes are mumbled.))


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