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Okay, this is just a post about the red box that Sai leaves and what entrails should he ever red box YOU! As most of us knows, inside the red box is a whole human grounded up and stuffed in there very neatly and nicely. How Sai does this is by first shifting into basically a blob and covers the person entirely with himself. The whole shifting/covering/grinding/stuffing into a red box process takes between 2 to 5 minuntes at least it does in the manga and anime. I am more then willing to take longer to give your characters a chance to escape unless you want to be red-boxed. He also eats the people he red-boxed.

Now here are some things that could end up as quite crackish for when your character comes back from being red-box. If Sai does red-box you, he somehow is wearing all of your character's clothing so when they come back.... They will be naked. This is how Sai puts clothes on is by red-boxing someone and putting on their clothes and it is how he 'switches' with a person as well.

I will add more once I think of more but that is basically everything you will need to know about the red-box. Also, please comment if you won't mind your character to be red-boxed that way I have a record of characters and stuffins. Thanks! ^o^ Of course, this applies once he gets his chip removed.

And how does one get out of the red box? Here is too ideas on how they can:

1.) They woun't actually leave the red box and will just come back still with no clothes on with their red box somewhere within the city. (I am going to lean more towards this one then the other one myself. n_n;;)

2.) They would have to find someone to pry open the red box (which a normal human had to use crowbars and such to open it) or break out of it.
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OOC Info
Player name: Nel
OOC journal: n/a
Player age: 27
Contact information: this journal and plurk at scaredsummoner
IC Info
Name: XI/Eleven formally known as Kaitou Sai.
Canon: Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro
Canon point: Right when Sicks christens her as XI.
Age: 18
Sex/Gender: Female
Appearance: here, here and here.
History: Here and here.
Eleven at first glance is quiet, collective and anti-social but she is first and foremost instinctual. She will follow whoever is more dominate then her and would view fights as dominance battles. She views killing and torture as nothing but means to gain and assert dominance over the other person, plus if they died then she will get an easy meal from them. She prefers to observe from a distance rather than to participate in whatever is going on. On the flip side, to those that she has managed to get close to, she can be gentle, protective, loyal, caring and affectionate towards.
Powers: Shape-shifting, telepathy, able to heal herself almost instantly (faster if she eats someone), inhuman strength and inhuman speed.
DOTES animal: Cat/ Mainecoon.
Sample post:

It has started out to be a completely normal day for her. Well, at least normal for Eleven. How did she even get here in the first place? She stretches herself a little with a small yawn, swaying her tail slowly back and forth. Hnnn, it’s going to be hard keeping it clean. Such a thing to chalk up for worrying about later as she was hungry now and following the scent of food. There, there is the source of the scent. A pale hand reaches out to slowly open the door…..


………. Only to be pelted in the face by a random flying piece of food.

Colorless eyes blinks in surprise at the sight before her. What? Just what are they doing? Her tail completely fluffs out as another piece of food come flying towards her and she goes to dodge it. No, no thank you. She wants to eat the food, not wear it. Okay, new plan. Getting food later once this chaos has died down, she leaves to retreat the food house for now. Though another piece of food hits her on the back of the head…..

…. Or she will just eat what she is now currently wearing on her face and hair and just wait until nighttime to eat. Yeah, that seems to be the best plan in this strange place. But for now, time to find a proper perch for her to watch these other creatures without the fear of getting hit again with food.
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[It has been a stressful month for Sai. With the monsters, getting experimented on by Washu and then that confrontation with Eric. The strange holiday known as Christmas came and then left and then those creepy ghost things came as well. Why was she so scared of being alone? And now more then ever does she not only hear a male's voice in her head but that 'ghost' as Jackie calls it as well. It has been bugging her the more that she thinks about it, ever since she arrived in this city.

... This city that Jackie claims that Sai has been in before.

And that building....

She goes to type up a message to Turkey and one other. She pauses as a few fleeting thoughts go through her mind before moving to look around for a particular reaper.]

Eric? Are you here?

[How to ask him if he wants to come or not.... But just in case, she is going to leave a note for him. Stating her curiosity of a building and wanting to check it out.]

[ooc; People at France's apartment can notice her wondering the apartment and later on, she will be wondering the streets of Discedo.]
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[Voice; action for apartment-mates]

[The communicator turns on and Sai goes to speak, but her voice as more of a growl-y tone to it as well as pain.]

Anyone else feeling different? Having strange thoughts? Why are we all changing?

[She goes to cough a little with more growls before shutting off the comm. Apartment mates, Sai has locked herself up in a room, not really wanting to leave to show what is going on with her.]

[ Late Monday night, Tuesday]

[Action for those in Discedo]

[Whatever was going on finally hits and now patrolling either the warehouses by the docks or the graveyard is a rather large black dog. It mainly ignoring everything around it but every once in a while, it will go to sit down on it's hunches and let out quite the eerie howl. At least for now, it's not behaving in an aggressive manner. Time will only tell when it happens.]

[ooc; Sai has been changed into a Black Dog and most likely won't attack you unless provoked or attacked first. Please state what time-frame your thread is as this is an all-purpose event post so if any of the Supernatural peoples want to approach Sai they can. Washu will also try to capture Sai in this post as well. Thread-jacking is greatly encouraged and lets have fun shall we~?]
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[The first thing that can be seen is the image of a silver skull tie-slide being held in Eric's hand before Sai goes to show her face, smiling a small smile.]

Jackie, I have a question about this item. [She feels just a touch bad for using the scientist like this. But Eric is more important, far more important. But now she goes to smile as much as she could.]

And I have something for you as well!
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[The communicator flickers on to at first static before muffled voices can be heard. Both a grown man's with a Chinese accent and a little girl's voice.]

Like this, "miao!"


There that's good.

[A small giggle before a much louder and more confident.] Miao~!

So cute!

[Another series of giggles can be heard before the comm is shut off.]

[ooc; Semi-haitus is over a lot quicker then expected, still gonna be a little slow but not as slow. Italics are Lau.]
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Why are there suddenly a lot more people? I don't know if I like it or not.... Eric where you are you? [So she can hide near you.]

.... Is Batman and Miss Grell okay?

Is this even normal to have the scientists bring this many people in at once?
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[The feed starts after a few seconds of static to show Sai, wearing this coat, buttoned up and her face half hidden, stepping out of the subway entrance. She takes a couple of moments to scan the area before letting out a small giggle.]

Eric~! It looks like we have arrived!

[She opens her mouth to say something else before quickly moving to cover her nose. Urgh, what is that rotten smell? At least this time around, there wasn't a chance of her getting wet. She moves to trot forward, instantly curious about the new area around them and with that, the smell is forgotten. She blinks and stops briefly at something off screen, staring at it for a few moments before shaking her head to dismiss it.]

Hurry Eric hurry! [Time to get back to being all smiles as the feed cuts out.]

[ooc; Any action threads maybe thread-jacked by either a wild Ammy or a wild Eric!]
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[That doll... That most freakish doll ever. It was so cute and charming at first but then she had left it behind and it followed her... And keep talking to her. Heather didn't like it one bit. It scared her. That woman, Little Washu offered the bonfire idea but it was too far away and she really didn't want to spend that much time alone with it.

She could give it away but no... She wouldn't want to wish it on another person.

Heather adjusts the old sweater to better fit as she trots out and keeping a lookout for a good place for the doll's resting place. She pauses and goes to stare at it...]

.... STOP STARING AT ME! [And here, with all of her chipped might, goes to throw the doll with all of her might, not caring if it hits a person or building. Throwing things always fixes problems.]
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[Hello, Discedo! Hopefully you all been having a nice peaceful day. You are? Good! Cause now that peacefulness is going to be interrupted by a scream then the sound of something being thrown and hitting a rock.After a few moments of heavy panting the source of the scream speaks.]

I... Don't want this doll anymore.... Whoever it belongs to can take it.... Back?

[This time just a short scream and once more the sound of something being thrown can be heard before the feed is cut off.]
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[The communicator clicks on and the sound of a little girl's voice can be heard.]

Where am I? Why is it dark in here? [A small pause] And wet.

Ara? I think that I see a way out.

[But enough of that, there is a more important question to be answered.]

Is there anyone out there?
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UPDATED! Added OOC/IC permissions!

1.) How is Sai? Anything you like or dislike about the way I play him? No flames please as flames will be deleted at once.

2.) Answer machine - In case you can't get a hold of me through AIM here is a place for plot ideas, concerns about current threads with Sai or just plain ole chit-chat.

4.)Permissions and Relationships: )
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*The first thing that everyone will hear is the sound of a blood curling scream. Then the communicator is dropped as Sai crawls out of her spot of the pile of people which consists of: Conan, Danny, Zelos, Satoko, Yusei, Flandre, Kresnik, Gadget and Cocona. All of them have bandages and cotton swaps under the bandages. Sai quickly scampers away, still screaming in order to find a table to hide under, curling herself into a ball and her screaming dissolves into panicked mutterings.*

[ooc: Doubling as Sai's awakening post as well for people who have signed up for this. They are on the floor in a big pile in the hydroelectric plant. Thread-jacking is more then welcome and highly encouraged for this post.]
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*The comm turns on to show the image of Sai with Harry the Cat in her lap. She goes to look towards the communicator, holding a, of should be a familiar, box of chocolates up.*

Moa, apologies for for the delay but I believe that these should be returned to you. Perhaps someone else will have better luck with these than I. *A long sigh with a small frown.* Much better luck.

*She pauses to think for a moment, trying to think of something else to say when Harry lets out a loud meow and jumps out of Sai's lap, knocking the comm off.*

Ah! Harr-

*End transmission.*
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More gifts.... But such tiny ones.

*She goes to let out a sigh as a cat's purring could be heard as well.*

Mikey and Leo, you are welcome to come by at any time.

Auntie Rika? May I have a word?
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Molly of the newscast, is there a chance to speak to you? Or any of the scientists for that matter? Also, does anyone know the location of the chip? I am willing to barter.
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Leo, I am coming.

*Either meet her in the hallway or she will be knocking on your door soon. But she also have a piece of chocolate for a few other men. Friendship chocolate of course.*

[ooc: Ethan, Gaga, Youhei and Bakura are all getting the friendship chocolate. I am going to be busy with schoolwork for the next few days so yeah..]
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Gonna update Sai's CR list comment to be added. If anyone knows how to do that nifty icon thing, love if you can show me how. ♥

CR )
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Has anyone heard from Chris or Yugi? .... She is gone... sick of it so sick of it let it disappear. Be better as nothing wouldn't it? Sick.


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