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Stupid... This is so stupid... Stupid stupid stupid stupid Stupid stupid...

.... STUPID!

*A distant sound of something crashing into each other.*


Make everything go away.... Let me go home with Ai... I hate it here... Make it go away... Make everything go away... Go go away far away... Shadows go away... Go far away...

*Dies down to mere murmuring.*

20th Box.

Jul. 2nd, 2008 04:23 am
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Where were we before we came here? I... Cannot seem to remember. Already... Everything is starting to be ripped away from me only to turn into shadows and ghosts that haunts me no matter where I go. Shadows in my dreams never fading or going away, make them go away make them go away. Make the shadows go away.

I also wonder, how much more time I have left to live. Before I just knew how much but now, I am not certain but already I can feel everything thanks to my condition. Ai... What would you do should I fade away like those shadows and ghosts I often see? Why can I no longer can at least sense when I will die?


This is almost what it feels to be human, it's nice... Really...

[ooc: What Sai means by his 'death' is not an actual character 'death' but mostly the death of his current self due to his condition of losing his memories and worse, when his memories 'restart' and he forgets everything. He is probably the most 'human' he will ever be in his life right now so he doesn't want to lose that.]

13th Box

Jun. 12th, 2008 09:52 pm
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Luxord! Where are you? Lets go and play another game. I am sure that I can beat you for sure this time around. Frederic, where are you? I wanna talk with you, please come by the apartments. Ai, do you want to go to the dance?

((OOC: Sai doesn't realize that Luxord and Frederic is gone.))


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