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10 more days... Only 10 more days. Ne? I am curious, I know that my other half made a post a while ago and now I am curious... Who all knows of my 'condition'? I won't to know if any progress has been made or if any ideas came up.

I am thinking of exploring the city so I maybe gone for a couple of days to find someplace 'safe'.

*Goes to inhale and then exhales slowly.*

I wonder who will miss me for when it happens.

Ne! NE NE NE NE! I forgot to say this earlier but thank you. Thank you, Haine, Linda and Okaa-san for coming when I needed you guys. I know that Linda is hurt and can't really come but she wanted to.

LINDA! Get better soon or else I won't ever forgive you! Especially before the 10 days are up.

Jackie, you still making sure that Jenny is safe? You better.

Gabby-chan, we can we meet again?

[Locked to all of his female friends (Ai, Nani, Lilo, Marlene, Jenny, Linda, River, Washu and Mona]

Ne, how does a shopping trip sound? I can keep all of you safe and also carry your things! It will be fun~ It will have to happen soon but still, wouldn't it be fun to do that? I will look forward to your answers. Ai, perhaps we can pick a dress for you as well.
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Huh? What's going on? ....

..... *The sound of a window opening and then....

A very loud shrill happy scream can be heard rather clearly to those living in the Horton Lane Apartments.*

AI!!!!!! LOOK! LOOK!

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... I think that red-haired man was right.... I feel sick....

Aaaiiii, don't eat the dogs... They make you sick. And stay away from the red-haired man... He gave me those dogs.

((OOC: Sai ate a couple of the dogs that Reno killed a few days ago, I just now goten around to posting this. XD;; Also, Reno didn't give them to Sai but in fact told him not to eat one, just so you know.))
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Can any of you help me with something? It's important.

Please contact me ASAP if you can or not.


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