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*The first thing that everyone will hear is the sound of a blood curling scream. Then the communicator is dropped as Sai crawls out of her spot of the pile of people which consists of: Conan, Danny, Zelos, Satoko, Yusei, Flandre, Kresnik, Gadget and Cocona. All of them have bandages and cotton swaps under the bandages. Sai quickly scampers away, still screaming in order to find a table to hide under, curling herself into a ball and her screaming dissolves into panicked mutterings.*

[ooc: Doubling as Sai's awakening post as well for people who have signed up for this. They are on the floor in a big pile in the hydroelectric plant. Thread-jacking is more then welcome and highly encouraged for this post.]

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[He will get there... as soon as he can not pass out again from being in a coma for a week lmfao. But he is worried and coming :( ...I love how one of my characters being happy makes the other one pissed |D]

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[If he ever finds out who it was most definitely. He will get there though!]


[Walking over to take her arm, but he's most definitely on the alert for enemies.]

Hey. You alright?

Date: 2011-04-22 06:16 am (UTC)
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[Amazingly enough he is not a complete douche, but wraps and arm around her, looking her over. Taking her bloodied arm he studies it carefully before letting go to gently make her look up at him.]

What happened?

[If someone hurt her he'll kill them.]

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[And at Xi's scream Mikey screams and almost drops the comm.]


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[Wait is that? It is! Mikey's never been so happy to hear someone screaming before in his life! ]

Xi! Danny! [Oh Shell what happened to you guys!]

Where are you?!

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[Very girly, and he was about to sign of and make sure Leo had seen this, but then he sees what Xi's doing to her arm.]

Xi! Stop that, me and Leo are coming, just...just calm down will you?
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Perfect Icon for this XD

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[Conan wakes cautiously, slitting his eyes open and keeping his breathing even as he tries to gather clues about his current situation.]

Re: [action]

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[If someone had noticed, there was no point in keeping the act up. Conan yawns, doing his best to imitate a sleepy child, and then sits up.]

I'm awake. But this is strange, isn't it?


Date: 2011-04-16 02:12 pm (UTC)
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[Satoko slowly wakes up from Xi's scream. She looks around and her bandage arm. ...Did she get a cut? She couldn't remember.]


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[Rubbing sleeping eyes.]

Mmm... What's going on?


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[Danny jerks awake at the sound of a scream and scrambles to his feet. He quickly glances around and puts together the situation. Bandage on his arm, unconscious people on the floor, and no memory of how he got there?

...This was not adding up to anything good.

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[He instantly sits up when he hears a scream, looking around at his surroundings with a confused expression. Where was he...? Wasn't he at that other Discedo...?

He finally notices the bandage on his arm and frowns, but he remains calm. First step is to figure out what's going on]

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[He looks over to her and nods, taking note of the other unconscious bodies around him]

...Are you aware of what's going on?

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[Action] cause Leo is cool like that

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[He'd gone back to the apartment to check on everyone; and found two people missing. Considering no one had woken up yet he could only guess what happened.

Luckily, Danny was one of the one's missing and with such a strange aura, Leo was well on his way to where the boy was...and hopefully Xi would be there as well.]


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